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Shared Hosting and Reseller Inode Limit Policy

Posted by:Mike Posted on:Jan 9,2014

All of our customers’ hosting accounts are important to us. So, to make sure everyone gets the speed, performance, and reliability they expect from BanaHosting, we now limit all of our hosting and reseller accounts to 500,000 inodes, files and folders.

Keep in mind, though, that’s the number of files and not their size, so it even applies to our hosting accounts with unlimited storage.

We’re implementing this change because customers with massive numbers of files can affect other accounts on the same server. And when you consider it, 500,000 files are a whole lot of files. We’re still ahead of the competition in the number of files we let you host, too—some of our competitors only allow half as many.

If this policy affects you, we recommend:

  • Purchasing multiple hosting accounts.
  • Considering a virtual dedicated or dedicated server.

Chances are that you have nothing to worry about. Most people don’t even come close to 1,000 files on their hosting account, let alone 500,000. But, if it does, we wanted to give you ample time to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Thank you for your understanding with this change since it helps all of our customers have better experiences with their hosting accounts. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


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